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Mariana Ngombo:”I just want to make people happy”

Founder of Designs by Mariana about what makes her tick, what makes her take on African Fashion so unique and the mission of Designs by Mariana. 

Mariana was born in October 1986 and  is of Angolan descent. At  the age of 4 she left her birth town Luanda with her parents and sister and they came to live in the Netherlands. Shortly after arriving in the Netherlands Mariana was involved in a serious accident with fire whereby she lost 2 fingers. However this didn’t stop her to hold on  life with both hands.

Her love for African prints developed on a later age. She became more aware of who she was, where she came from and embraced her roots in every aspect. Through African fashion she hopes that the youth from the African diaspora will find their link back to Africa and for others to discover the riches, culture and  beauty of Africa. Her goal is to make the wide African inspired fashion industry known worldwide.