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A conversation with Jennefer Kempenaar

Guava sat down with Jennefer Kempenaar, entrepreneur, fashion lover and mixed media artist. She’s the owner of Mixed Media company Studio JNNFR.

Let’s start with a basic but all important question: 

Tea please, preferably with fresh ginger, lemongrass, chilli and cloves, top it off with a bit of honey. Love it! 

Tea or coffee?

What motivated you to start Studio JNFFR and when did you begin this adventure?

In 2014 I was looking for a way to create personal freedom. A way to life and work with passion, be creative and grow as a person, so to speak. I was no longer moving forward personally and felt I needed to make a change, move towards more of a sense of independence and be more in control of my life and what happens in it. It also was a challenge to myself to prove I could do it and make Studio JNNFR happen. 

What makes you different from other mixed media artists?

In short, I’m FIERCE (Fabulous, Inspirational, Empowering, Remarkable, Creative, Energy)

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

Surviving cancer. Period.

What is your favorite thing to spend money on? 

Spending money on myself and investing in Studio JNNFR. If I’m honest, shoes and clothes are still sort of a weakness but I’m noticing I’m spending less on fashion items than I used to do. If I splash out its on basics of good quality, so I don’t mind spending a bit more. That said.. I find that lately I care less and less about material things. I get more joy and excitement out of experiences. Feel good things, holiday trips, parties, adventures, sexy stuff.

What is your most embarrassing moment? 

Hmmm… I have to think about that for a second.. I wouldn’t call it embarrassing but a learning opportunity. Early on when I started Studio JNNFR I felt I needed to have “General Terms” so I drew them up. I sort of knew they weren’t really up to scratch but I left it because it wasn’t the most sexy thing to work on and the legal stuff is not my strongest point. It wasn’t that well written, but i hoped I could get away with it anyway. When I realized I couldn’t it was too late and it got me in trouble with this client who pointed out the flaws and rightfully claimed back the payment she made to me. (I’ll skip the details but she was well within her right to do so.) 

Awkward! Especially when you take in account I was doing studio JNNFR for over 4 years by now. I admit the business side of things is not what gets me up in the morning, I want to be creative and if I could I would skip the administrative aspects of running a business. 

I’m building Studio JNNFR more to be wards me being the creative force and delegating the business side of things to others who are good at that. Know your strengths but also  know your weaknesses. Lesson Learned!

How would your friends describe your fashion sense? 

FIERCE! Hahaha, sounds like a cop out to say that again, I know, but let me describe what that looks like: a distinct look in lots of black, sexy, cool but always feminine.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? 

Studio JNNFR is growing, fiercer (yes!),with a creative team of passionate professionals. I would love to do more international and bigger projects. In 5 years time there will be a Studio JNNFR branded line of products. 

Describe a typical day/week for you? 

I start the day with meditation and visualization session. Some Yoga and a fruit shake while making my daily program. I always plan 3 important personal things and 3 important business things to get done for that day. More is a bonus.  After that I have some talks with clients via messenger, whatsapp or by phone. Attending my email. During the day I do some meetings, brainstorm, some business admin, project acquisition and advertising. I cook everyday and in the evenings I do my creative work, when it’s nice and quiet. Drawing, painting, illustrator, photoshop, personal branding etc etc. StudioJNNFR goals and future plans are mostly worked on in the weekend, Sundays. Having a business is 24/7. Don’t underestimate it, it’s like a baby. 

Do you see yourself as a rolemodel for the black community? 

Yes absolutely, but I think we all have to take a responsibility to be a role model for our black community. We are growing as a people in these times we live in. In this western society there is no excuse for not taking our responsibility and seize the opportunities we see and pay it forward to our community. Any way we can.

If you had to choose between mixed media or fashion, which one would it be?  

Mixed media is fashion!! In any case, I’lI put the fashion in mixed media art. Fashion is art!

What is your favorite fashion item? 

My headwrap, black!!!!!!!!! Overknee boots, black. Leggings and high heels, a minimum of 11 cm, shorter seems ehh… sexless to me. Leather jacket, black. Chanel bag, black of course 🙂 

Check out more of Jennefer and her work at http://www.studiojnnfr.com

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